Saturday 10 July 2010

Shop Love - Ink & Spindle

Well it isn't actually a shop, but a studio... Ink & Spindle is a boutique screen-printing studio run by two Melbourne textile designers – Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose.
I am a long term lover of their fabrics and met the girls early on in my blogging life through Lara's blog Kirin Notebook.

They specialise in high quality textile printing for designers and independent labels such as the fabulous Nancy Bird, Knuffle Kid, Heavenly Creatures, and many more.  But my favourites are the fabrics of their own design.  One that I can't get out of my head is their Birch design.  I fell in love with it years ago and am waiting for the day it evolves in to a wallpaper so I can gaze at it all day long.

The difficulty will be deciding on a colour-way!

Now that CHALK is opening in Kensington we will be neighbours (sort of) as the girl's studio is housed in the famous Younghusband Wool Store building - (Suite 206, 10 Elizabeth Street Kensington)
Can't wait to drop by and visit!

all pics - Ink & Spindle


Lizeylou said...

I SO want to go and visit the girls studio .... maybe we could go together one Friday?

Vintage Home said... this fabric!