Monday 26 July 2010

Peeping In - Nina & Helmut

I love Nina's home because she exemplifies my design philosophy of surrounding yourself in the things you love.  She even has a wonderful portrait (in the mirror) that I am coveting to match mine.

Nina - ‘Our home is full of stuff: new stuff, collected stuff, stuff with surprising uses. My partner Helmut agrees it’s a different kind of recycling! My sister worries I’ll end up trapped by my belongings The past inspires me. I love vintage crockery, decorations, wallpaper and textiles. I like to enjoy what I collect. I don’t like to live in a museum.'

Pics from here


Lizeylou said...

Loving that she has some expensive stuff mixed with cheap stuff (like the Ikea material curtains) Cool house!

Vintage Home said...

...truly whimsical with style and pazzaz!