Tuesday, 13 July 2010

House On Rodanthe

Remember the fabulous inn from the Richard Gere-Diane Lane movie Nights in Rodanthe? In real life, it’s known as “Serendipity,” a house that sits on the edge of the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina.

Apparently the set crew changed the house by adding the blue shutters, a gazebo and decks which I must say is a great improvement as the original home looks a little bare without them.

The house was built in 1988 with piling driven down 14 feet and set in concrete. At the time, there was 400 feet of beach in front of the house. Now, sadly, the beach front is gone, and the ocean is slowly washing the house away.  The county was in the process of declaring Serendipity a public nuisance, which means that the owners will have to either move the house or have it torn down.  Apparently they have been trying to sell it but to no avail.

Stay tuned to hear the fate of this cinematic delight.
thanks Hooked On Houses.


Kristine said...

Imagine wading through that surf with the shopping in hand and grizzling children. I had no idea it was a real house. I thought it was built for the movie and that in reality a house that close to water would never get building approval. Amazing

Anonymous said...

most interesting ms chalk!

Kell said...

That last pic reminds of the house in Lemony Snicketts.