Monday, 26 April 2010

A Change Of Direction

It is getting tantalisingly close to 'renovation time' at our place. After 6 months at council we may finally have our plans approved in the next couple of weeks (or not, depending on the lovely people in the heritage department). I have been holding myself on a tight rein so as to not be too disappointed in the event of a knock back. My natural inclination to become completely immersed in paints finishes and floor treatment etc is on hold until we get a big red tick from the powers to be.
I had almost decided to stop this blog but I figure I may need an outlet for all my ideas so I am thinking Chalk & Talk may become heavily 'house obsessed' in the near future. I'm sure other stuff will make it's way on to the blog but I am going to try and focus on 'Castle Kiely' for the majority.
See you soon