Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Back Area (doesn't qualify as a garden)

You've seen the front, now you can get an idea of how truly fabulous the back of the house was when we bought it. I know you are all feeling very smug about your gardens now and that's why I posted these shots - It is kind of like a public service to make everyone feel good about themselves at my expense.

Can someone explain to me why many new Australian families feel the need to concrete over every available inch of soil and then build multiple out-buildings? Surfer Boy was particularly unimpressed when he realised these delightful red brick structures had been built with concrete instead of mortar - apparently this is not good - who knew?

Looking back at these shots I am particularly impressed with the care they took to get the house 'auction-ready'!!
Tomorrow you can come for a tour inside...
Till then,

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