Saturday, 8 August 2009


You'll never guess what I did last night!
I went ROLLER SKATING at the Sunshine Skate Rink for 'Dance and Skate' night! Before you mock, it was fantastic. I went with three other equally mad friends and we had so much fun.

We even listened to 'Wired For Sound' on the way there to get us in the mood.

After a bit of a practice on the beginner lane, we hit the floor and I could have sworn we were back in the early 80's. The only difference was the tunes - Joan Jett had a run but we were sadly ignorant of the rest of the DJ's suspect choices. The smoke machine was a winner though, as was the low lighting which gave us a pleasant sense of anonymity.
Break time and we hit the snack bar for some chips and a coke and a well earned rest - tiring business this skating.

Quite a few text messages came through this morning, all of them inquiring as to whether we had suffered any injuries! Oh what little faith.

All four of us came home unscathed but raring to go again. Me thinks this skating lark may become a regular outing. Cheap, hilariously funny, great exercise, music, really bad snacks - seriously, what could be better? (Lorelai would have come!)

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dancing in beaumont said...

Lorelai so would have come! mighty happy with the fog effect in this photo, although I am standing, so I guess that's good!