Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This morning while cleaning out the top of the kids wardrobe I came across this blanket

which is the twin of the one Moondoggie had as a baby..

not looking quite the same after 5 years of extreme love! Gidget had dummies - Moondoggie has had this blanket. He sleeps with it, he carries it in his fist when he's feeling anxious, he rubs it on sores when he's hurt himself. Apparently it can fix and soothe anything.

Here he is with both of them! He was flabbergasted when he saw what it originally looked like. He keeps asking if I am sure they were exactly the same. The problem is he is now looking lovingly at the new one!! Best it disappear again before we're stuck with the stink'n blankie for another 5 years.

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