Saturday, 20 June 2009


It's my birthday eve today (I stretch it out as long as possible) and when I arrived at my friend's house to pick up my kids I was greeted by children waving pompoms and wearing birthday hats and yelling 'surprise'. As I ventured down the hall I discovered not only Caitlin but her Mum and Dad all dancing to my favourite Troy Bolton song - Get Your Head In The Game. What a treat.

After the dancing and general hilarity I discovered they had made me a cake while I was at work and not only did it have a Troy Bolton kinder surprise but it was covered in what turned out to be 'Troy's balls'!

Now good friends are those that not only look after both your kids all day but bake you cakes, know you have a major Zac Efron obsession, and then cook you a magnificent meal so you don't have to go home to cook! Surfer Boy may be away but everyone is making sure I feel nice and spoilt for my birthday.

So John and Cait - you are fabulous and I thank you!

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