Monday, 8 June 2009

Life In The Village

We took Gidget in for a haircut last week (Maestro, Anderson St Yarraville) and as usual with businesses in Yarraville, everyone was made to feel at home. While Gidg got the treatment, Moondoggie and Gidg's best mate decided to do each others hair. They were given a seat, stool and tray of equipment which, thank god, did not include scissors! Can you just imagine if I had to take little Miss home to her mother with a new fringe?!

If you look in the mirror you can see Kiralee laughing at their skills.

This episode reminded me of a photo I had wanted to post a few weeks ago. I took the kids for their first dental appointment (at Choice Dental , 37 Anderson St Yarraville) and was absolutely amazed and grateful for the care and thoughtfulness with which they were treated. Dr Tim knew they were first timers and took the time to show them everything, give then a turn of the equipment and generally make it a fun experience for them. Moondoggie was even asked to be his assistant when he checked Gidget and had to move the chair up and down. As you can imagine he thought it was 'awesome'.

So once again the traders in the Village have proved what gems they are and I send my thanks for making life for my kids so interesting and fun.

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