Thursday, 21 May 2009

Next Step

Moondoggie has the day off on Tusedays so after our usual breakfast at The Corner Shop in Yarraville Village we headed off to Poyntons Nursery in Essendon.
It is always a treat to visit Poyntons but especially with a project in mind.
I closed my eyes to all the other treats on offer and headed to the veggie section. As planned we chose broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chives, strawberries and some herbs. I also grabbed a passionfruit for the fence and some sweetpeas to add some height to the bed.

As is always the case a few extras some how ended up on our trolley and by the time we got home we had a blueberry bush, 2 salvias and some catnip for Oscar. Because I am hopeless I also snuck in some hollyhocks and Canterbury bells that I just could not resist. 2 bales of mulch, seeded potatoes and we were on our way.

Phew! It wasn't until I wrote it down that I realised how much I'd bought.
We spent the afternoon planting and this is the result...

The Herb box.

Blueberries and Catnip!

Next step - mulching!


Lesley said...

that looks fantastic, - I am envious,

Anonymous said...

you make me feel like SUCH a lazy old cow ! my garden is crapola.wanna come over and make it pwetty ??? Moondoggie can come too.and that surfer boy who is so eager to please !!!