Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My Picasso


Moondoggie has never been a prolific drawer. His pictures are usually of the 'round and round scribble' variety.
While sitting across from me, enjoying our morning cafe break he asked for a pen so he could 'draw' on the napkin. Imagine my surprise when he actually drew something recognisable. Imagine my even greater surprise when he drew the whole thing upside down!! He drew it from my perspective, not his. Is that weird??
By the way - it's the Gingerbread Man with his gumdrop buttons, of course.


trash said...

You are on a roll now, he has moved into artist phase!

Cathy said...

...and upside down no less! perhaps you have a closet artist on your hands :)

shula said...

There'll be no stopping him now.

Ally said...

That's talent,you'll need to frame that one!!!

Stomper Girl said...

Gorgeous. My first was quite the artist, I always think this held the number 2 son back in the drawing stakes!