Thursday 4 September 2008


It will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to Monday night! 8.30pm will find me glued to the television for my long awaited fix of 90210!
Anyone who holds a soft spot in their heart for these guys...

must be tuning in to see what the next generation has in store for us.

With Kelly, Brenda and supposedly Donna all on board for the new season it's bound to be a ripper. Nothing will be the same without the boys (but they obviously had more going on in their careers) Hopefully a little bit of Melrose Place in the person of Rob Estes will help ease the pain.

For anyone in the Yarraville area, or anywhere in Victoria for that matter, the Commercial Hotel in Yarraville has agreed to show 90210 on the BIG SCREEN for me. They are providing bean bags and I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. So if you want to come down and have a few drinks and indulge in a little 'Bevvas' we'll be starting 90210 nights on Monday the 15th September. Should be hilarious.

That opening music get's me every time. I'm so glad they kept it.


Kristine said...

I'm going to ring you at 8.35 Monday night. I hope you're up for a chat!

Fairlie - said...

I'm feeling a bit conflicted about the new 90210. I *loved* the original, back in the day. But I fear this won't live up to those memories and I'll just feel like a too-old person watching a teenagers show? Don't worry, I'll be watching it to find out.

whit said...

Ooh, we watched it, you will have to tell me what you think. It may not be fantastic tv, but I will keep watching.

Stacey said...

No, its not surprising that you'll be tuning in!
I'm feeling a bit like Fairlie - excited but a bit apprehensive.

Fairlie - said...

I liked it. I was surprised how much I liked it.