Tuesday, 2 September 2008

It Just Won't fit, No Matter How Hard I Push.

It's that time again where I sit staring at my bookshelves trying to work out where on earth I can fit the books I've just bought. Books are starting to stack up on each other and my slightly anal soul can't handle it. A solution must be found.
I started looking back through some of my files and found these inspiring book ideas...

This one I particularly love just for it's creativity and problem solving. In this apartment they have built the bookshelves into the stairway. To give you a clearer idea there is another view following.

Here they have solved the problem by putting their books in the ceiling joists - genius.

I think this might be the solution to my problem - I'll just hang all the extras from the ceiling. Surfer Boy will just love it!!


trash said...

ooo, until you showed the other view that stairs one had me a little bemused.

Kristine said...

aren't they all great. if you come up with a solution let me know. My bedside table is overflowing more than ever. What Max wants more than anything in the world is a bookshelf. does James want a custom order?