Saturday 26 July 2008

Topped Off By A Sleep In!

Surfer Boy is working on an oil tanker in Bass Strait somewhere, Moondoggie and Gidget are having a sleepover at their Grandparents..... gee, what shall I do with myself????

I worked at CHALK today and after closing I strolled up to the Bookshop for my weekly drool and came away with The latest Jasper Fforde novel - First Among Sequels. I then popped into the cafe next door and spent a lovely hour drinking tea and re-reading the fabulous Twilight (see Bookgroup book). For me this is my idea of heaven - actually it could have been 28 degrees instead of 8 degrees but you can't have everything.

Next up is a trip to Blockbuster to choose tonights viewing, then take-away Thai and trackies on the couch with Krissa, the only other 40 year old who is excited that 'She's The Man' is on T.V. tonight! If you're a fan of cheesy teen movies, give this a go, if only for the incomparable comedic talent that is Amanda Bynes! (and yes, I'm serious.)(keep your eye out for the towel flick scene!! Priceless)
Enjoy your Saturday night - I certainly will!
P.S. - I think a hint is needed for the Challenge in the previous post!
3 blondes and a black cat


whit said...

the next in the twilight series is out on August 2! Did you read 2 and 3?

shula said...

See, this is why I love you Jen. You're idea of a kid-free night out involves jarmies and the telly, too.

My baby's away tonight, and here I am, jarmies and a one-person party.

willywagtail said...

Hi Jenny, I am so sorry not to have let you know that I received the ribbons last week. I have actually posted a picture of them so you can see approximately when I received them. They are gorgeous and I feel very privileged to have won them.

On She's the Man, my daughter bought it a while ago and I have to agree that it is more than just a teenage movie. I love it too.

Once again sorry and a big thanks!


whit said...

oh, and I tagged you, do it!