Sunday 27 July 2008

TWILIGHT - Discussion Questions

A few people have asked about book group discussion questions and as I don't know how else to share them I have had to post them here - sorry to those of you who haven't read the book. Hopefully there are no spoilers for anyone wanting to read it.
I have borrowed a few questions from fan forums and I thank those people, whoever you are.

TWILIGHT - Stephanie Meyer

Were you able to suspend disbelief? Did you think SM created a real and believable story?

Did you find the characters engaging and did they ring true?

Did you have a real sense of Bella experiencing a typical first love even though there was nothing typical about her or her first love. Did you think Bella's reactions were realistic?

Did you feel the tension as Edward was learning to control his hunger?

Who was your favourite secondary character and why?

Meyer says that the concept of "choice" is an important one to her. How does the book illustrate that concept?

Do you think that Bella is a strong or a weak woman? Is she a good role model for young women? How does she fit with your view of feminism?

What about Edward as a role model for young men?

Which character (main or secondary) do you relate to most? Why?

What was your first impression of Twilight? Did you think that it was a good introduction to the series? Why or why not?

What was your first impression of Edward and the Cullens?

What if the main roles were reversed? Do you think the story would have been similar if Bella was the vampire?

Why is it that Bella's blood calls to Edward more than anyone else?

Why does Bella accept that fact that Edward is a vampire so quickly?

What are your opinions about Bella & Edward's relationship, and why?

Do you think that the fact Bella had to take care of her Mother, and to an extent, Charlie, attracted her to the strength in Edward – someone was taking care of her for a change?

From Charlie’s point of view, what do you believe is his opinion of Edward before, then after the run-in with James, Victoria, and Laurent?

Did Stephanie Meyer's portrayal of Vampires appeal to you or do you prefer the more traditional view? (coffins, bats, etc)

Did this book change your view of vampires? If so, how? Is it a positive or negative change?

What is the significance of the Cover photo? (Forbidden Fruit.)

Why the title - Twilight? (The safest time of day for a Vampire.)(originally titled 'Forks')

Does the young adult classification ever deter you and do you think that this book fits that classification?

Will you read the sequels?

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Ally said...

Way to many questions ???????

linda langton said...

Our book group in Eastbourne used your questions for their August meeting to discuss The Slap, and really liked them - got some good talk going.
Have you anything available on the Poems Of Carol Ann Duffy? This may be a bit of a long shot but worth asking as it's my choice for our October meeting and the poems are great! many thanks - sincerely - Linda Langton.

JK said...

Unfortunately I don't sorry Linda but thank you for your lovely words and glad the questions were useful.