Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Salad Plate! Genius!!

I am convinced that this may be the greatest invention of modern times, perhaps even for ever!

As soon as I heard about it I registered online so that I wouldn't miss out on this FABULOUS world changing invention. It has now been released and all I have to do now is sit tight and wait for it to turn up in my letter box!

This is the Blurb on the website - I LOVE IT!!!

Research has practically proven that salad can’t fill the seriously hungry stomach. So why waste time trying? Simply place your delicious Four’N Twenty pie in the area provided on the Four’N Twenty MAGIC SALAD PLATE™ and suddenly with no effort at all it looks like you’re having salad as well! With a Four’N Twenty MAGIC SALAD PLATE™, to the untrained eye it appears there’s a leafy green salad, but in truth it’s just part of the plate. Astounding! Now you don’t need to cave in to the pressure that some people put on you to eat salad. And all while still looking like you totally have!


trash said...

I want one! I want four!! I want one for each of my brothers and brother-in-law for Christmas! I want one for me even though in this country they don't get four and twenty pies. Even worse - nobody has EVER heard of party pies!

Please tell me those plates are really real.

Cathy said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this on the Four n Twenty TV ad - LOVE IT! Great advertising idea :)