Thursday, 1 May 2008

Moondoggie Turns 4!

This blog is turning into a bit of a love-in, what with our wedding anniversary, Gidget turning 6 and now my gorgeous Moondoggie turning 4.

I feel like I am constantly raving about my family but bare with me for one more family milestone. After that you have at least a month off until the next one - MY 40th!!! (And you just know that will be a long post!)

Moondoggie appeared 3 weeks early back in 2004 and I fell madly in love with him.

Is has a lovely sweet nature and, like Lola, he is 'small and very funny'. He provides Gidget and I with constant amusement and is always first up for a kiss and and a cuddle if there's one offering. His favourite colour is green, he loves kisses, Boba Fett and the Power Rangers. He is a constant delight and I absolutely can not get enough of him.

Happy Birthday Moondoggie!


Stomper Girl said...

What a cutie. Happy Birthday to him.

Fairlie - said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy!

Creative-Type Dad said...

Happy Birthday Moondoggie!

And can I say how cool it is that he likes Boba Fett...?

Cathy said...

Moondoggie is so cute!!! Happy Birthday to him :) Hope he had a great day!