Monday, 26 May 2008

Go'n To The Country

Keith would have been proud of me this weekend. I packed up the family and headed up country. Mum and Dad have been house sitting in Myrtleford so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get off our city arses and head to the Mountains.

Ben and I spent Friday buying up on glubs (gloves), beanies, hot water bottles, thermals etc. and felt we were all set to brave the elements. We drove up after school on Friday and after 4 hours in the car tumbled out to be greeted by a toasty fire and a massive big screen TV!!! Not exactly roughing it!

We spent Saturday morning at Bright, tumbling in the glorious Autumn leaves and basking in the sun. There is nothing like not being able to feel your toes but getting a tanned face.

Sunday was spent in Beechworth as the kids had heard a rumour that the greatest Lolly Shop in the WORLD was there. There was no rest for us until we found it. I must admit it was pretty magical! I thought Ben was going to implode! To our great astonishment both kids chose 1 pissy little lolly each and turned down our offer of getting them something else as well. They never cease to amaze me.

We capped off the weekend with a cheery visit to the cemetery. (As you do) James wanted to visit the Chinese cemetery that he remembered visiting when he was little. He was amazed to find it had shrunk, or he was bigger, one or the other.

3 hours home, stop at Maccas, and a very successful and enjoyable trip was had by all.


Stacey said...

Is there any better place than Bright in autumn?
I love that part of the state - so beautiful (so cold too!!)
That lolly shop is fantastic. Did you go to the bakery?

Bianca said...

Loooove every single little town along the great alpine road..we should go more often ;)

Stomper Girl said...

Bright is Fixit's favourite destination too. Only he never takes me because it's always a bloody motorbike trip. With his mates. But I'm not bitter about that. Oh no.

Fairlie - said...

The mountains are great at this time of year. Cold, but great!