Monday, 28 April 2008

Birthday Festa

I'm starting to get blogging withdrawals! Is that weird?

What with two birthdays in one week it has been quite hectic over here. No time to scratch let alone blog. As you know, Gidg' turned 6 on Thursday and we had a delightful group of girls over after school for a party. All went well, fun was had by all and my cake even turned out well...

The girls had a lovely time designing cupcakes and making their own plates. We even had an Easter Egg Hunt as requested by Gidget. I did go a little into teacher mode but all went swimmingly and they were a joy.

By 5.30 it was all over and we all collapsed in a heap.

Sunday we batted up again and had both sets of grandparents, various Uncles and Aunty's, and numerous cousins over for lunch - more baking, more eating, more pressies, more collapsing!!

Now we have the eye of the storm, the calm before it's Moondoggie's turn. He turns 4 on Thursday but I'll tell you all about that another day!! My problem now is building up some enthusiasm to create some sort of birthday cake. Gidget got an ice cream Barbie cake & a Fairy Cloud cake so I can't very well skimp out on Moondoggie's. Any suggestions?

(And to all those of little faith - I did make both the cakes myself. I may hate cooking but everyone knows I get off on an excuse to decorate.)

(p.s. You may also notice in one of the photos that Moondoggie actually has a cake - made by his Grandma and completely smothered in lollies - he thought it was Fantastic.)


Ally said...

Good work!!! I'm impressed if you did make them or was that one of the things you delegated to your Mum??? Now I understand why you were stressed on Saturday having to cater for family .... that's why I have a cafe and fantastic staff who can cook :-)

Stacey said...

Congrats on the magazine feature. Yours is a lovely shop so I'm not surprised it was chosen.
As for the cake, I did a pirate theme for my boy's 4th. Basic butter cake, iced half in blue and half in yellow with dessicated coconut around the "shore". I used some sort of chocolate fingers around the side topped with mint leaves (palm trees) and found a casket which I filled with gold coins and placed on the sand.
It looked pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Cathy said...

looks like it was a full on weekend! happy birthday to gidget! congrats on your cooking prowess - the cakes look a treat! and the girls' cupcakes don't look too bad either :)