Wednesday, 9 April 2008


The Gold Logie nominations are out - and there is already controversy!
I've had conversations with a couple of people with various strong opinions about who deserves to win TVs highest honour.
What are your thoughts?
Here are the nominees.... (sorry to those of you outside Aus)
Natalie Blair - Neighbours' actress

Adam Hills - Funnyman and host of Spics & Specs as well as various hosting gigs. This is his first time up.

Chris Lilley - another first timer and the creative genius behind Summer Height's High. He is also up in the best actor category and SHH is up for best light entertainment program.

Rove McManus - The Host with the most and past Gold winner

Andrew Denton - master interviewer.

John Howard - the cranky doctor from All Saint's.

Lisa McCune - multiple Gold Logie winner and now on Sea Patrol.

Kate Ritchie - Home and Away stalwart, It Take's Two host and last year's winner.

I have various opinions about some of the nominees but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts first.


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Denton so I'm going to vote for him. Amazing man, very funny, great interviewer.

Ally said...

I like Lisa but can't stand Sea patrol and can't understand how she has been nominated for her roll in that.Don't watch Neighbours or Home and Away(but when I have watched it I think Kate plays the part well) And I've only just got Channel 2,don't ask.
So my vote would go for John,I'm a fan of All Saints and even though he plays a grumpy person he does it well!!! Why they have All Saints on so late I can't understand but that's another issue ......

Fairlie - said...

I like Chris Lilley - but perhaps not enough for a Gold Logie?

Stomper Girl said...

I want Adam to win, because yum.