Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dish Pig.

God I hate doing the dishes!!!
Surfer Boy is away again and I'm stuck doing his chores. He does the dishes every night and I'd forgotton what an annoying job it is. We have the world's smallest sink with an equally minute draining board. It only takes someone to have a snack for the dishes to pile up. I NEED A DISHWASHER, or my husband back!!


Jodie said...

hmm............ dishwashers don't hog the remote but they aren't real good at helping with the kids either!
Happy dishes !

Stomper Girl said...

Heh. Mine always did the dishes too, and he has this new work schedule mucking with the routine. I hate it!

LBA said...


I got me a dishwasher. It's part of the divorce settlement if ever needed :)

I *can't* go back to the sink !!