Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lovely Lorelai

Poor old Lorelai - she took a back seat while the house was being built and even though she has now been moved off the front lawn where she has been squished for a year, she is still waiting patiently for us to spruce her up.  All the hard work was done before the move and now all she needs is prettying up.   The sun came out last weekend and Surfer Boy decided to start on her exterior paint job....
We got as far as the blue stripe before it clouded over and more pressing jobs on the house called for his attention.  

She still needs a jade stripe added above and below the blue - to tie in the upholstery, and we need to paint the body with a top coat - off white, white, or cream - I haven't quite decided.  Hopefully she wait have to wait too much longer.

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Tarrysaser said...

Looking great, dear, patient van.Who are the twins?