Monday 29 October 2012

Braces For Gidget

My gorgeous girl had to get braces a couple of weeks ago - yep, I know, she's very young for braces but the reason she is having them at 10 years of age is also the reason she needs them in the first place. 

Gidget starting loosing her teeth very early on and kept on loosing them steadily.  When her new teeth came through they didn't have much room as her jaw was still little.  So what did they do?  they fitted themselves in where ever they could and in the case of one tooth - he made himself a whole new row behind the others!  Now that all her baby teeth are gone and her jaw has caught up we are able to rectify the situation.  Apparently her mouth is about 2 years ahead of most kids her age - would have preferred her maths to be 2 years ahead but you can't have everything.

My little poppet was actually excited to be the first one of her friends to have braces as she teemed with jealousy when her two besties had to get plates earlier in the year.  I tried to gently warn her that it wouldn't be all beer and skittles but I don't think I really got through to her.  She had great fun talking to a couple of teenage friends who'd had them and getting their advice on colours - apparently these days you can change the colour every month if you want to! 

Her wonderful Orthodontist and his gorgeous dental nurse made the experience such a positive one for which I am very grateful, and within an hour we walked out with a spanking new set of braces with PURPLE inserts.  (Her Gymnastics Club colour is purple so this was the deciding factor).  I thought she'd be happy to have the afternoon at home but no, she wanted to go straight back to school.  
She felt great and couldn't wait to show her friends.  Unfortunately she didn't feel great for long and by the next morning the pain had set in but for the moment the whole experience had been as good as it possibly could be.

I'll update you with the traumatic reality of the first week with braces soon.

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Tarrysaser said...

The worst is over, Em. Love, Mama