Wednesday 14 December 2011

What We Made

Here is some of the ridiculously simple yet 'people seem to keep buying it' goodies I crafted for CHALK.  My very, very dear friend Kristine designed and developed the tees we use at CHALK and luckily for me when we ran out of our own she agreed to share her Townmouse stash with us.  This has meant we've been able to play around with some designs for the Christmas season.

The apple fabric that I had in my stash was leftover from the window display at one of the stores and just happens to tie in beautifully with Walnut's range of shoes.  A merchandisers dream, and a complete accident.

The boys haven't been left out either - the lovely Lou who works for me has taken home some suits and whipped up the most gorgeous onesies for us.  I'd love to claim them myself but as she reads this blog I'd best tell the truth!

I managed to take some photos of the Yarraville store last night on my new phone (a whole 'nother story) so I'll share those with you later.


Kell said...

They are fantastic Jen. Well done to you.

Lizeylou said...

They look ace ... will be sure to take a closer look on Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

BETWEEN YOU AND ME BABY, we could open our own kids store.....ha ha. thanks for sweet words xx