Friday, 16 December 2011


I rarely post about work but I've made up for it with 3 posts in a week!  I promise this will (probably) be my last for a while.  I've spent the morning opening large boxes of stock which is a little like Christmas as I had no idea what I was going to find.  Turns out they were chock full of fabulous toys, gifts, and fun bits and pieces.  I must say that working in a children's store at this time of year makes the whole Christmas season much more festive.

If you are in Melbourne, pop in and see me or drop in and meet my brother at the Kensington store.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick question - how much are the little cars in the box on the top shelf please? Are they wooden letters in the box on the lower shelf? Are they items you always stock? Thanks

JK said...

The cars are $19.95 and the the wooden alphabet (upper and lower case) is $25.95. We only have a few left but we will be getting more towards the end of January.