Friday, 21 January 2011

Steel Challenge Complete.

One design feature of our extension that we have been definite about since day one is our doors and windows in the living / kitchen / dining area.  The doors onto our deck will be industrial factory doors (double) with windows on either side. Kind of like these but with smaller panes.  The idea is that they will help link our traditional weatherboard house to our industrial and rustic interior decorating style.

We've decided not to powder coat the frames but to leave it as galvanised steel giving us a dirty silver finish, not as hard as the black.


Our problem has been the sourcing of these doors.  I originally found a company in Sydney but my mission this week was to try to find someone to make them a little closer to home to keep costs down.
Finally yesterday, after literally hours of Google searching I found a company that will custom make then exactly as we want and they are only a few suburbs away. I can't tell you how excited I was.  I have since found another company close to home and am feeling very pleased with myself for completing this week's challenge.

Now to get a quote!  Not so excited about this part - fingers crossed we don't have to sell a kidney.


Anonymous said...

Hey, they are seriously awesome! Can you pass on the manufacturer name as we are doing something very similar at our place - trying to match the back of our home with an new garage/loft with this style of door... I would be soooo grateful!


JK said...

No worries - and