Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sultry Beauties

While we're on the subject of great presents - Surfer Boy and the kids have been at the Laverton Market this morning and a little while ago they rang to tell me that Gidget had spotted 'One of Mummy's girls'.

They then texted me a photo and I can't believe it - she has found a J.H. Lynch painting of 'Tina'.  This will mean nothing to 99% of you but just know that I am absolutely thrilled. 

She will hang next to 'Autumn Leaves' or 'Priscilla' as we call her and the hunt is on to find more of these sultry beauties.

'Autumn Leaves'                                            

Recently I posted about this lovely lady who has captured my heart and now I'm adding Lou Shabner's 'Melanie' to my wish list.

Keep your eyes peeled for me all my lovely blogging friends!


ian said...

i have one of these prints/paintings if your looking for one, the bottom one that is

JK said...

Really Ian? How fantastic - are you interested in selling it, and if so how much are you wanting for her?