Monday, 29 November 2010

R.I.P. Fridge

I think we must have put the evil eye on our fridge as it has suddenly decided it doesn't have any interest in being cold any longer.  Surfer Boy tried to weave his particular brand of magic but to no avail - he got the freezer working again and although the firidge is now cool it is far from cold.
Looks like we're making a purchase tomorrow.

I'm leaning towards the side-by-side variety due to our family's unnatural liking for ice-cream.  We never seem to have a freezer big enough so, short of getting a seperate one, this may be the answer. 

I've also decided that I want my fridge to be white.  If I can't have an industrial fridge (lack of space) then I want a white one, that can handle reams of artwork and birthday party invites without hindering it's mojo.

I think this one might be the winner..


jac said...

Believe it or not.. we have just bought that exact fridge. Got delivered on Friday. Amazing. The only thing that is irritating me is the lack of egg holes; I usually fill those with eggs (surprise), Yakult, Easter eggs etc and I think I will miss them.

JK said...

What a great tip - I'm going to save the egg holes from the current fridge to use in the new one! Fabulous, thanks Jac.

jac said...

Yeah, it comes with egg hollows, not holes, and it's a loose bit of plastic. I NEED HOLES. Actually that's a plan, I should rip the holes from my old fridge. Liberation!