Wednesday, 15 September 2010

4 More Sleeps

As some of you know Krissa and I are off to Sydney on the weekend to indulge in our favourite pass time - Zac Watching (some may call it unhealthy stalking but we maintain otherwise) .  We have talked about this over at Stars Hollow - in brief we have been invited to the red-carpet premiere of Zac's new film 'Charlie St Cloud' where the man himself will be in attendance.

I am becoming a little concerned that K and I may irreparably damage our reputations by becoming overwhelmed and behaving inappropriately when Zac enters our orbit, therefore I have been trying to desensitize myself by watching footage of the boy in the hope that I will be completely 'ho-hum' by Sunday.
Judging by the excessive drooling and elevated heart rate I'm going to assume that so far it is not working.
I will persevere and let you know how I'm going.... I'm not confident though.

Check this out and tell me you aren't trembling slightly at the knees!!

1 comment:

Ally said...

So exciting but also so sad!!!! :-)
Have fun and I'm sure there will be a Zac story or two to tell ....