Thursday, 30 September 2010


The very wise and considered people in our local council have decided that our extension plans need to change AGAIN.  We are back to having to make the extension look as if it is seperate to the original house Arghhhhhhhh! 
The bigggest impact this has for us doesn't seem that bad on paper but in reality it is a pain in the arse.  Our fridge has nowhere to go!

Our beautiful kitchen now does not work.  Who would have thought that one fridge could ruin the design of an entire extension.

Sooo today I am on the hunt for fridge alternatives.  Maybe a slimmer fridge will help - maybe an under the counter fridge - maybe a seperate freezer in the pantry....
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Emma Stewart said...

My sister in law got an industrial fridge (the ones with glass at the front, double-doors) for under the concrete bench, which looks very nice but can be impractical if you have a bad back. Cheap though, if you can pick up around Collingwoo...d at industrial auctions etc.
we've got a Smeg which is slimmer than you would think, looks great but costs a bomb and you still have to defrost the freezer!!
But the minty colour...that's why i got it after lusting after them for so long. Style over substance - I'm sure you can appreciate!!

Jo Canny said...

oh no! so sorry to hear that, what a bloody pain...
you don't have to use the freezer so often sounds like a good option..