Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Vegie Garden

I must say that although we spent many hours and many dollars making our vegie garden, the rewards have not really lived up to expectation. Moondoggie and I decided to do some harvesting and although we had fun it was not a plentiful crop to say the least.

We may have only produced a mouthful but I must say it was a great activity to do with the kids. The process, from buying the plants, digging the bed, watering, watching the growth, and then picking the vegies was a healthy, outdoor activity that was also heaps of fun. I think we'll persevere and see if we can produce more next time around.


Ally said...

Hmmm interesting dinner at your house :_)

Mum said...

Love the vegie garden pics.
Forget root vegies like carrots and parsnips - in my experience they grow all twisted! Do persevere - I agree with you that it is a great activity for the kids.