Sunday, 20 September 2009


We went on a family excursion to Savers today - Surfer Boy and I used to love a good fossik to see what treasures we could unearth. Lately we seem to have forgotten the joy and haven't been there for ages. Today was the day and we grabbed a trolley with great excitement. The kids were allowed to choose 1 item each so they sped off to see what they could find.
Moondoggie chose a video of Batman - the one with Robin and Batgirl no less. I think it is brand new. He clutched it tight and couldn't believe his luck.
Gidget chose a madras, drop waist ra-ra skirt and hasn't taken it off since.
Surfer Boy picked up a great hoody and I?
Well I am soooo excited with my purchases.
First up I found this fabulous aeroplane material and when I got home I discovered it is a single bed doona cover so guess where that's going!

Next up I collected a lovely pile of children's books but then the most amazing piece of good luck.
I found this.....

I grew up in the 70's and my Mum had one of these that sat on our dining table and I loved it. I don't know what happened to ours - perhaps this is it. I'm yet to ask Mum but needless to say when I saw this at the back of the nic nac shelf I nearly hyperventilated. It is the most amazing piece with each section spinning individually so everyone can reach the nuts. I'm guessing it's for nibblies - nuts, olives, cheese squares, etc. I can't wait to have people over so I can fill it up. Unfortunately there is a bit missing - originally the top section - the pineapple - had wooden scoop shaped pieces which looked like the leaves of the pineapple. I think Surfer Boy is going to make me some to make the experience complete.
Suffice to say I am extremely pleased with our excursion and keep pinching myself every time I look at the pineapple condiment thingy to make sure it's real.


Ally said...

We all know there won't be nuts but lots of lollies and chocolate :-)
let me know when it's full MMMMM

Anonymous said...

right - how come i didnt find these treasures when i went last week???
I did find a hot skirt though !!
Love that fabric....and that wooden extravaganza....good find!!

Caitlin Boyce said...

So when are we coming over to sample your nibblies? (and surfer boy's nuts) (sorry, I couldn't help it)