Tuesday 17 February 2009

Valentine's Gifts

I'm not sure if I have talked about this before but Surfer Boy is a collector! What does he collect? LEGO MEN!!

Most of our friends check their kids lego stash when we leave in case he's pocketed any. It is almost at the problematic stage. Most nights are spent checking online for any he may not have yet. What started as a bit of a joke as spiralled out of control.

Here is one of the trays that house his collection.

The reason I thought I'd mention it is that Surfer Boy gave me a present yesterday! Very exciting and unexpected and you can imagine my excitement when I discovered my gift came in a jewellery box.

Here's what I opened it to find.....

Mine are green but you get the general idea.

I was going to the movies with 10 other girls and Surfer Boy told me that if I didn't wear them then he would know that I didn't like his present! Sneaky bastard. I wore them.... I will keep wearing them and even better Gidget suggested I add other lego to them and guess what, it works. Tonight I came out with various additions and a lego man hanging off each. I think that is what I will wear next time we go out with his mates.
I wonder what I'll get for my birthday?


Stomper Girl said...

Cute. The earrings and all those lego people. My kids would go nuts if they saw that.

shula said...

You guys are very cute.

Kristine said...

Hysterical. If you came to our house wearing those you'd probably go home with earth movers hanging from your lobes. The boys would love to provide you with some 'mattachments' as they call them. The lego man collection has grown since I last looked. I'm happy to know I contributed one or two (but don't tell my boys I stole from them).

Cathy said...

lol i have two cousins who created these little LEGO men (named VB men) whom they take out to clubs etc with them...they get photographed with everyone and appear on Facebook etc...they have a life of their own hahaha. when I saw this post I showed it to them and they loved it - thought it was hilarious :)