Thursday, 29 January 2009

You Couldn't pay me enough to play tennis in this weather!

Jeez it's hot!!
43 degrees or 109.4 for those of you working in farenheit.

Same again for tomorrow with the next few days almost as bad.

Now I love a hot night more than most but it's nearly 10.00 pm and it's 32.7 dgrees (90.86). That's even wearing me a bit thin.

Yesterday was just as bad but it doesn't seem so hard when you're doing this ....

or hanging out here ...

What on earth possessed me to leave a summer paradise for stinking hot Melbourne?

Maybe the fact that Moondoggie started kinder today!

Bugger education!


Anonymous said...

you've gone soft!!!!!!!

put a flannel on your feet! it's nice!

Anonymous said...

and he did a painting !!! bless! i love that
photo of gidget diving -what an arteeeeest
you are !!hows this heatwave?killer!

Anonymous said...

"That's right, who would work in the education business!

ps. year 12 started today. Exciting stuff."

Cathy said...

congrats to moondoggie! how very cute :)

i agree with your title...i feel sorry for those poor buggers playing in this heat, although they are getting paid quite a lot to do so lol