Saturday, 24 January 2009


Grief is a funny thing. Sometimes it just jumps up and punches you in the gut, with no warning.
Today was one of those days.
As I was driving back to Melbourne tonight I was singing along to the stereo, thinking about nothing much when, out of nowhere the image of a friend, who died a few months back, came to me in perfect detail. He just appeared in my mind's eye as though he were sitting next to me.
Next thing I know I am crying and trying to recall the moment just to hold on to it a bit longer.
The mind plays funny tricks and I never can recall his face in detail when I want to.
It was so nice to see him again.
This is not the only time it has happened either.
While at a Tex Perkins concert, in the middle of a song, I glanced around the crowd and I saw him. I'm sure he was there and it made me so happy to believe it.
It made me think that if his death has having such an effect on me then how much more so for those who were closest to him.
I hope they are learning to live without him in their lives and that the lesson is not insurmountable.
I hope they know that he will always be remembered by so many who's lives he touched.


Cathy said...

very sad but beautiful post xxx

Anonymous said...

oh jen - so sorry to hear that you are still struggling with your friends death. Im sure he was @ the tex concert watching over you -probably having a little boogie!
Grief is very odd - and you are right - it hits you at times when you least expect it.
Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!! (can you believe it!!)
I havent blogged since before christmas ! NO TIME WITHOUT KIDS!!!