Thursday, 18 December 2008

Lou vs. Scrooge

Seven more sleeps until the big, fat man comes to our house (And yours too if you've been nice).
I can't wait. I Love everything about Christmas. Lou over at Totally Innocent was talking about how much she loves this season too and it reminded me of all the Christmas Scrooges I've come across lately. You know, those people who do nothing but complain about the expense, the shopping crowds, the commercialism, etc etc. Why don't these people just change the way they celebrate Christmas so they don't find it so tedious. It's not like they don't know it's coming! They have a whole year to organise themselves so it doesn't give them a nervous breakdown. I have very little sympathy and am quite miffed that the whole Spirit Of Christmas thing has obviously gone right over their heads.
For me Christmas is - finding that perfect gift, even if it is March
- it's seeing my kids run to the window to see if there really is an Elf watching to see if they are behaving themselves
- it's making rumballs with Moondoggie
- it's watching as Gidget arranges the ornaments perfectly on the tree
- it's an extra Christmas Day every year so we get a full day with both sides of the family
- it's listening to 13 cousins sing carols together every year for the grown ups
- it's watching my Dad and Father In Law fall asleep after lunch even when surrounded by chaos
- it's a million things that make me so happy.
So thank you Lou for being full of the Spirit Of Christmas, may yours and everybody's Christmas be merry and bright.


Anonymous said...

Here Here!There is nothing worse in my eyes than a Bah Humbug!
I have always loved Christmas and cannot wait for December 1st every year to put up the tree. It is even more special since my Rugrats have arrived and I look forward to their faces on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas to all!

Anonymous said...

ha ha - i just saw this and love the LOU V SCROOGE heading!I laughed out loud when i saw it! I think we share a love of many-a-thing!! But you really cant beat christmas - so up yours to all those whingy whiney types who only think of the bad stuff...i cant wait - i am so excited! Hope you have a lovely one lady xx