Thursday 4 December 2008


Mum and I had a lovely night last night at the Sun Theatre. We went to see Baz Lurhman's 'Australia' and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had a special task for the evening which was to come up with some trivia questions for a group going to see the movie today.

Here are our questions and the first person to get them all correct will get a prize!!!

So cut and paste the questions into the comments box or just number the answers and the prize could be yours. Good Luck!!


1. Who was framed for Lord Ashley's death?

2. What was the name of the cook at Faraway Downs?

3. How did Nallah's mother die?

4. What island were the children sent to?

5. Why was Drover ostracised by Darwin society?

6. How did Drover's wife die?

7. Who was Nallah's father?

8. What was Lady Sarah Ashley called throughout most of the film?

9. What was the name of the pub in Darwin?

10. How much did Carney bid at the auction foe a dance with the Lady Sarah?

11. What was the name of the dance that Sarah tried to teach Drover?

12. What was the tune playing during the charity dance?

13. Who did Sarah change shifts with just before the bombing of Darwin?

14. Who killed Carney? And who was blamed for his death?

15. Does Hugh Jackman look good with his shirt off?


whit said...

I haven't seen it yet (did you see twilight???) but my aunt informs me that Hugh with his shirt off is worth every penny and then some.

Anonymous said...

1. Nallah's Grandfather, King George
2.Sing Song
3. She drowned in the water tank
4.Mission Island
5.He was once married to an Aboriginal and preferred the company of the natives.
7.Neil Fletcher
8.Misses Boss
9.The Territory
10.???? You've got me on this one
12.Somewhere over the Rainbow??
13.Neil Fletcher's Wife, Gloria Carney
14.Neil Fletcher - King George
15.Absobloodylutely!!!!! Should be more of it!