Sunday, 27 January 2008

Starstruck - Monkey in Me (1982)

This week I spent an obscene amount of time with my head on a really uncomfortable angle checking out all the videos that my local Video Shop is selling off. I can't begin to explain my delight when I unearthed STARSTRUCK, arguably one of the best movies Australia has ever produced!! (actually many may dispute that) In 1982 Jo Kennedy was my screen queen and here she is camping it up in the final musical number. For those of you who share the love - enjoy, and to all you others... shame on you! (By the way the roadie pushing himself off the stage at the beginning of the clip is - Geoffrey Rush)


LBA said...

I loved this movie and I loved this song - both were totally underrated !!

Jo was *sooo* our own Cyndi Lauper/Molly Ringwald substitute !

Although, I wonder what I would think of a viewing today ? :)

LBA said...

So, of course I went and looked up "Body&Soul":

I love how one of the tags is 'horrible' .. lol ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous memories of a fabulous film. Well done.

shula said...

I swear, you really are the Last Word on the eighties.

I'd forgotten all about this film.

I knew a number of people who worked on it.