Wednesday 30 January 2008

New Beginnings

It's a busy week this week with both the offspring starting at their respective educational facilities. Sounds fun when you say it like that doesn't it!
Moondoggie and I went off today to his first ever day of institutionalised care, aka 3 year old kinder, and Gidget starts Prep tomorrow at 9.00am sharp.

I'm starting to worry that I am an unnatural parent as every other prep mother I speak to is lamenting the loss of their baby, the end of an era, such a big transition etc etc. And I'm just really, really excited. I am so thrilled for Gidg as I know she is going to LOVE school and I can't wait for her to start. Maybe tomorrow all normal parental anxieties will assail me as I wave my darling goodbye, but I seriously doubt it. It's strange 'cause I cry at anything and everything usually.

To be perfectly honest I'm not that in to pre-school aged kids and I'm thrilled I'm nearly out of that phase. I have always said that I'd love a big family if I could get pregnant, give birth then farm them out until they are 6. I adore my babies but in general school kids are heaps cooler. Many of my friends are aware of my weird preference and often hand me their babies just to annoy me, others don't even bother and pass me by when little Johnnie is being handed around the doting friends.

So tomorrow if you see me at school and I am a blubbering mess you'll be able to point and laugh and I'll be eating my words in tomorrow's post.

For now I am off to pack my first ever school lunch, which, by the way, is a whole other set of issues and may indeed make me cry after all. Who knew the humble school lunch could be so fraught with difficulties! I'll save that rant for another post....


emma said...

I hope the day went well for you all!
Today because of work committments, our kids started school without their Mum & Dad grinning in the background.
I felt pretty sad, but they are 9 & 10 and just so cool.
School lunches are the bane of my existence.GGGGRRRRRR

shula said...


I thought I was the only one.

LBA said...

I'm not really into 'other people's children', so I don't do the baby cuddler/smooching either.
They're heavy, hot and uncomfortable, and they possibly smell.

I just like my own .. and extremely well-behaved/polite children of others.

lazy cow said...

What H&B said. My best friend, and Godmother to my children asked me (I *think* she was joking) to change her baby's nappy yesterday.

whit said...

I'm with you, I love my kids going to school - they need the time away from home and they love it - the learning, the friends, everything. I also have a difficult time with the infant phase, even if they are mine - but I love them, even if they never leave my hip! I hope they love school.