Friday, 2 March 2012

Peeping In - Ryan Reynolds

He is top 5 on my laminated list which means that I was thrilled to get a sneak peak at the way he lives.  Ryan Reynolds is putting up for sale the home he shared with ex-wife Scarlett Johansson and we get to look inside.

I'm picturing myself arriving at Ryan's house, after we have had dinner in an out of the way Spanish restaurant where we shared a paella......

Ryan gets the fire started as a light breeze has sprung up - he then excuses himself to grab us some dessert from the kitchen while I curl up on the couch with the book he has left open on the coffee table ...

Dessert is warm, chocolatey and involves Ryan needing to pop morsels into my mouth .... needless to say we need to cool off so a swim is suggested....

I don't think it is necessary (or appropriate) to share what when on in the pool, needless to say we ended up here!

The next morning Ryan takes the dogs and grabs us some breakfast from his local bakery while I call all the people who have been wondering where I've disappeared to.  I need to cancel a brunch with the girls but assume they won't mind when they find out where I am!

After spending the day intimately getting acquainted again, and again, we come up for air long enough to order in take-away Thai and eat it out by the pool in the balmy L.A. evening. 

P.S. - Those who comment on this post will be sure to be invited to the next dinner party/pool party that Ryan and I will be hosting as soon as this fantasy comes true!!


helen tilston said...

Are you still there with Ryan? Looking forward to knowing what you are doing this evening and tomorrow and for the weekend!! HEE, HEE


A delightful home

Helen xx

dancing in beaumont said...

yes, i can see that you would be happy there. I want to come to one of your parties in the backyard, looks like fun. is he friends with Ryan Gosling? Hmmm that could work! Love the cushions on your bed and the size of your new fridge. Didn't know you liked paella, something i learned about you just now, or are you doing a julia Roberts in Runaway Bride and just choosing to eat because he does? Only one thing,I will mind if you cancel brunch, because i want all the details please!!!!

Kell said...

Love the fantasy Jen.
PS the doorway looks like entrance to the house JY used in the video for "Cry me a River".

Tarrysaser said...

How old are you again?