Sunday 29 August 2010

My Favourite House

This is my all time favourite home - it can be found in Stars Hollow Connecticut and is the home of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.
(Yes, I know they're not real but humour me)
I love everything about this house - the verandah, the wisteria, the white trim, the trees and of course the lives that went on behind those double front doors.

Recently I came across a photo of Lorelai's home as it is now - a few years after the final season of Gilmore Girls - and I can't say I am happy about the changes.  I'm happy the house still stands but I think they have stripped it of much of it's charm.  I wonder what TV family will live here next?

1 comment:

Kell said...

Jen, are you planning on painting your place this colour (love it) when the reno is done? Planting Wisteria?
It looks very dull now. Still a great house but washed out by the colour.