Monday, 1 March 2010

It's Not Fair

A couple of times a week we are lucky enough to share afternoon tea with some lovely friends. The down side of this is that when it is their turn to provide afternoon tea, it kind of beats my offerings hands down. Last week Leslie produced this for Friday Arvo..

and Caitlin brought this out on Wednesday!

How is a girl supposed to drop the kgs with friends like these?
Even Eliza had it in for me with this confection arriving on the table for Saturday lunch!

(Note - Lygon St Cakes made Eliza's although I'm sure she could make it too!)


Suzanne said...

Hey Jen, anytime you need some assistance, please let me know ;o)

Lisa said...


Lizey said...

No need to worry about me turning up with something like that, I am much more likely to grab biscuits at the supermarket on the way .... think that means I am lazy and Leslie is a bit fancy!!