Monday, 1 February 2010

They're Off

Well it's official - I am the mother of TWO school children and as such Surfer Boy seems to think that the house will be immaculate, meals will be prepared, and various home crafts will be completed. He was a little miffed to find that nothing has changed in one day! Little does he know that I headed straight for 'The Corner Shop' cafe and sat around with various lovely ladies until 1.30pm!! There really wasn't much time left after that for chores of any sort. Maybe tomorrow will be different - but I doubt it!
Here's the lovelies off to their first day -

Gidget - year 2
Moondoggie - Prep
(and before you ask - no I wasn't at all sad or sentimental. He was so happy to be there that there didn't seem much point)


Lizeylou said...

I hope they both had a fantastic day!! Gotta loves prep kids in their school uniform, they always look soooooo cute!

Lou said...

"ha ha ha ha...tell surfer boy he is delusional.will never happen ! If anything you will just get busier and spend more time online !!"

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