Friday 29 January 2010

Flashback Friday

We had people over for dinner tonight and during the course of the evening, for some reason, the wedding photos were brought out. They are a whole other Flashback Friday, but when I was putting them all back I came across this photo.

This is the group of people I spent much of my teens, and all of my 20s with on an almost daily basis. I think it must have been taken in the mid 90's. Most of us met at dancing class in 1984 (year 9) and we were inseparable for well over a decade. This photo makes me miss those days so much - before, husbands and wives, before kids and mortgages, when every day was an adventure and we lived for each other.
I am happy to say that every one of these people is well loved, with families and big joyous lives. Doesn't stop me missing 'us' though.
(By the way, that's me at the front in the delightful cream canvas coat thingy!)


Brad said...

ahhhhh...... the 80s and early 9s, such simple times!

Lou said...

"you look hot hot hot in an early 90s kind of way !! "

Wilbur said...

Happy bunch, apart from the two grumpies at either end.