Saturday, 25 July 2009

17 of 17

It was a hard night at our place tonight - Both the kids barrack for the Doggies and I have been a Sainta since the womb. As a family we tend to support the Bulldogs as we live and work in the midst of them and quite frankly it can be bad for your health not to barrack for the Dogs when you live in the West.
But when push comes to shove it is always the red, white and black that steals my allegiance.
My dad was heavily involved in the club when I was growing up and we spent every home game watching from the members dining room with the footballers wives. It was the glamour era of Trevor Barker, Michael Roberts etc and I loved every moment - although how much actual footy I watched is debatable.
I am by no means an avid supporter but it amazes me the feelings that stir when I do watch the boys in action. I love the Doggies, but the Saints are in my blood, a part of my history and I was so proud to be a St Kilda supporter when I watched tonight's game.

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