Wednesday, 26 November 2008

We Breed Them HOT In Australia

Some of you may have noticed the absence of the Eye Candy section..surprisingly no one has commented though!

Thanks to 'Kellie' I just have to post this fabulous eye candy.
Some of us will remember him as Vinnie Patterson on Home And Away, some will remember him as Jay on Summerland, and if you've discovered 'True Blood' you will know him as Jason...... yes, it really is RYAN KWANTEN

Feast your eyes and never say I don't do anything for you!!


Anonymous said...

hello..... he is all grown up, isn't he!!!!!!

I didn't realise he was in true blood! now i might have to watch

trash said...

My word! He has grown up into a big lad, hasn't he? His mother must be proud, shame he didn't listen when she was teaching to pull his trousers up ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yummo!!! Makes this fat pregnant woman very happy - Thank you!!

Ally said...

MMMMMM .............. What a bod!!!Good eye candy :-)

Anonymous said... back to bella and edward.x

Anonymous said...

He spends approx 90% of the time in True Blood with at least his shirt off!
A beautiful example of the Aussie Male!