Saturday 18 October 2008

Rabbiting On

This is my formal apology to Lou and Ali and everyone else who reads my blog on a regular basis and are sick of waiting for me to post again. I beg your forgiveness and promise to make this a really long post to make up for my slackness - I have no idea what I am going to write about but I'll start with being a full-time worker!

Darling brother hopped a plane to Bali with his glowingly pregnant wife and left me in charge of CHALK. Surfer Boy took the week off to be a house-hubby and off I trotted feeling very grown up. It was fabulous. For the first time in years I got to spend more than a single day in my own business. I had the chance to potter around with the merchandising, check out new wholesaler catalogues, order new stock, all without I interruption (oh except for those pesky customer things).

Day One gave me a new appreciation of fathers returning home after a day at work. I was buggered and the last thing I wanted to do was help put the kids to bed, I just wanted to veg out on the couch. I was wrecked.

Day Two saw a welcome change which I put down to wearing sensible shoes for a day of standing around all day on concrete - huge improvement. By Saturday I was fully into the swing of full-time work and not quite ready for it to end. I felt like a fully-functioning member of society.

I think Surfer Boy also enjoyed his week. Not only did he manage dinner and school lunches but we had a freshly baked cake almost every day!! Astonishing. In 14 years together I have never seen him make a cake. He did comment after Day One that although he had a list of things he wanted to get, he didn't have a chance to get any of them. He couldn't understand where the day had gone, eaten up with school drop offs, cooking, housework etc. I think his idea that I swan around all day having coffee with other ladies was well and truly debunked.

All in all we came away from the week with a new appreciation for what the other does. Well worth it.

29 degrees today in Melbourne and my most favourite kind of night - warm and still. The kind of night that is made for fairy lights and bbqs and good friends, or just sitting on the verandah watching the world go by with a good book.
Signing off as it is just too nice to be sitting at the computer - promise I'll post again SOON.


shula said...

that was probably your barbeque cooking as I drove through the Hood last night.

Smelled good, too.

Ally said...

I was wondering what was happening,as even though I do have a life!!!! I still check your blog on a daily basis sometimes twice a day to see if there is anything interesting to read .............
Let me know next time your working a whole week as I'm going around to join Surfer boy for a piece of cake and a cuppa!!!!! Maybe he's been doing a bit of baking for the boys while off shore??? :-)

Kristine said...

Good for you Jen, sounds like you had your own "Wife Swap" experience without having to go and live with a retired army seargent or dairy farmer or something. Although I do think you've lucked in in the husband stakes. I don't know any other husbands who bake cakes (or refit kitchens for a hobby for that matter.)

Anonymous said...

oh i feel SO much better now...keep 'em coming lady - what a hubby you have-cakes everyday?? was he after something???
and moving furniture around in the middle of the night?thats something C does too.....he once moved our bedroom around at 1am with me in the bed!!! odd....

Cathy said...

I totally understand about the long breaks between posts...I TRY my best but by the time I have finished everything else, I'm just too buggered too post!

How cool that you got to work all week! I know what you mean - I love going to work because it breaks the routine. I'm sure though that if I were back at work full-time, I would quickly tire of the whole thing :)

And how wonderful is your husband?! Cakes every night - wow!