Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Birthday Time

I received this in my inbox tonight -

Just a reminder that I'm not leaving a comment on your Blog until you write about your Birthday festival!!!!
11 days to go .................
Sooo.. it is in fact my birthday coming up and as I am a huge believer in the birthday festival I agree that I should make a fuss of my own. On the 21st, the shortest night of the year, I am turning 40!!!!
After a slow start and tossing many ideas for a celebration up in the air, I have settled on a dinner party with 20 of my wonderful girl friends. Surfer boy suggested it and I can not think of a better way of celebrating the last 40 years than spending it with the girls who have supported me, loved me, encouraged me, partied with me, put up with me, and always, always been there for me.
Clever Surfer boy - he also gets out of having to make a speech which I have a sneaking suspicion may have been the point all along.
Lucky me - I also get to celebrate again with my wonderful extended family which consists of another 7 fabulous and inspiring women. (Also another 8 handsome men and 10 Nieces and nephews, but it's all about the chicks this year.) There is nothing like extending your big day with multiple functions!!!
Sooo, the dinner is on - not of course in my own home - the lovely Jodie and Sis have lent me their studio and along with Sandy from Store 6 who will be feeding us a delicious meal, my Mum is waitressing and with a bit of luck a lot of fun will be had by all.
Now to think of some ideas for the '40 gifts for 40 years' rule. Poor Surfer Boy.

Here's the front of my invite - Just a few of my Favourite Things.


Cathy said...

I love your birthday invite, and all your celebration ideas!! Sounds like it will be one long party :) Forty and fabulous! My little sister turns 30 the day before your birthday (and that makes me feel really old lol)

Ally said...

Yeah!!!! Happy Birthday Festival Jen!!!!
As you are such a wonderful special person it means alot to be invited to help celebrate the big 40 :-) Can't wait ......
I also like the fact that most of my friends are older than me so by the time I turn 40 it won't seem that bad :-)
Feel for Surfer Boy having to come up with 40 presents
10 days to go ........

Anonymous said...

That invite is excellent....Nice to see Dolly up there with the 90210 gang!! And Baby and johnny,and Heath and beautiful Elvis!!!I love it! Have a wonderful night! And have fun opening your 40 presents!

shula said...


I ADORE Dolly.

And happy birthday, Very Nearly 40.

God, you sure don't look it. I'm shocked.

Kirsty said...

May the festival be long, filled with pretty drinks & much laughter.

I love your invitation.

Happy Festival.

Fairlie - www.feetonforeignlands.com said...

Wow! It sounds like you have a fabulous festival planned.

(We share many favourite things!)