Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Lindt Bunny

I've been busy printing out copies of this photo I took in my local supermarket.

I figure if I stick them up in enough places I might actually get a Lindt bunny for Easter. I unsuccessfully dropped hints for a Lindt Reindeer for Christmas with no luck.

So far there is one on the fridge, above the toilet, under Surfer Boy's pillow, in his diary, and in the fridge near the beer!

Surely he will remember, instead of waiting until they have all sold out like a certain Easter in the not so distant past.


Cathy said...

Yummy! I got a couple of those packs with the carrot shaped chocolate from students a few Easters back ... delicious :) Hope you get on eof each on display :))

Jodie said...

Oh yum, I will be at the end of a six week chocolate free time at easter so am planning on the very best - I'm with you Lindt all the way.

Stacey said...

I'm doing that Homer Simpson-esque open mouth dribbling at the sight of all that Lindt.
I buy the Darrel Lea nougat egg as soon as it hits the shelf because I can't risk them selling out.
Mmmm - chocolate....

Fairlie - said...

The Poolboy dropped so many hints about Lindt bunnies one year that our house was completely overtaken by a bunny invasion. It didn't help that he hadn't trusted in anyone's ability to pick up on his hints, and had gone out and bought a whole lot for himself.

The house was so overrun with bunnies, a good dose of myxomatosis wouldn't have gone astray.