Monday, 19 March 2012


Hey there's a window!    Every spare minute Surfer Boy has been at the house painting the windows and now they are in place.  We opted to do the exterior painting ourselves to save some coin and S.B.  sensibly realised that all our double hung windows were going to be a lot easier to paint while they were on the ground.

The second storey windows would have been a complete nightmare so thank god for a bit of forward thinking on behalf of my clever husband.

This is the floor to ceiling window that the heritage Consultant at our council made us add to distinguish the old house from the new extension - not too bad considering we fought for two years to reduce it to this.  Originally we had to lose 2 rooms to make the house 'look like two seperate buildings', no weatherboards, no peaked roof etc.  We managed to stick to our guns and our home will now be weatherboard with a pitched roof and instead of cutting in and losing 2 rooms we just had to add this window.  That's a win as far as I'm concerned. Yay us!
(I think it will add some lovely light to our kitchen too)

The roof is going on this week (supposedly!) and the scaffolding is up so more pics to come soon.


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Yes. Painting Double-Hung Windows, a LONG & Arduous Task. The renovation looks great.